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We would like you to think of us as your first point of contact when you have a question about your pets, rather than the last resort when something has gone badly wrong.

To that end, we do our best to provide a friendly environment, where you and your pets can feel relaxed, and our qualified staff - veterinary surgeons and nurses - can take time to examine your pets and answer your questions.

If, on an initial consultation, we find that we need more time to investigate a problem in depth, for example with blood tests, or blood pressure check, or ophthalmological exam, we will book an extended consultation, or may suggest that your pet stays with us as an in-patient for the day.

We have three veterinary surgeons on staff, and are happy to make you an appointment with the vet of your choice, enabling as far as possible, continuity of care.

Our database links our two branches, so whichever one you visit, we can pull up your pet's clinical record. If you have not met us so far, feel free to pop in to the branch nearest you for more details.


Our Upton and Wareham branches have full surgical and dental facilities, with in-patient care.

Whether your pet requires minor surgery, for example to stitch a wound, or major exploratory surgery to remove a foreign body from the intestine, we always use the most modern anaesthetics (the same sort given to ourselves in hospital), and our qualified nurses are monitoring the anaesthesia throughout the procedure.

Pain management is paramount, and we also provide intra-venous fluid therapy for all major procedures to help maintain normal blood pressure, and to flush the anaesthetic agents out of the system.

Where surgery is pre-planned, for example dental surgery, we recommend pre-anaesthetic blood tests to check that liver and kidney function is normal and that no 'silent' problems are present which might compromise recovery from an anaesthetic.

For most traumatic injuries and orthopaedic problems we refer our patients to the Upton branch, where we have X-ray facilities. Should your pet need to stay with us as an in-patient, we are happy for you to visit with a tempting treat and some extra TLC to add to our own.

Home Visits

Our ambulance can come to you if you and your pets prefer. For routine health checks and vaccinations, cats in particular do not always travel well and we can visit your home by prior appointment.

When it comes to saying that last goodbye, many people like to be with their pets at home in their familiar surroundings.

If you live would like to arrange a home visit please call our helpline on 01202 624140.

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